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Super Surfaces has gone on to create a revival of interest in the ancient technique of polished plaster. The company was quick to see the potential for an attractive, hard wearing, luxury finish that is equally suited to modern and traditional taste.

Today, the company has grown and diversified into a wider range (floor, wall & ceiling) of decorative seamless surface products by bringing world leaders of surface finishes to India. Through our updated team, Super Surfaces are able to offer products which provide quality surface finish solutions for all decorative design and application requirements. For architects and designers, Super Surfaces offer a spectrum of creative potential. For the clients, we offer an easy to maintain, more durable options that are environment friendly and healthy to live in. We take extra care and precaution to guarantee the quality and consistency of all our finished products. With our excellence in custom design of textures and signature walls, you will never have to see the same wall again. We have the complete technical capabilities in design and supply of texture, customised as per finish and color based on design requirements (concrete, marble, antique, rustic, distressed, multi-color, foam, algae, brick etc. finishes).

Although our products are available in a voluminous range of colors and finishes, these are by no means the full extent of what can be achieved. All SuperSurfaces.in products have unmatched ingenious potential and can be transformed into unique wall finishes. The only limit is your imagination!

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 “0” VOC

Anti Crack

Anti bacterial & Anti Algea

Temperature control


Long Life

UV resistance

Best aesthetic product or paint ever and many